I have created a blog dedicated to the progress of the next book and placed it in a dark corner of the internet…

Here, let me give you the URL:


The Princess of Prowess herself won’t have much of an presence there however, rather it will be about all the world and characters around her.
Lots of little things to prepare, mostly the blog will be about  designing new characters – so basically a bunch of crappy sketches.

And I’ll begin my foray into 3D with Blender – can I create 3D model references for my web comic? More specifically; I want to create a goddamn horse carriage!

I failed the donut and coffee cup tutorial and now I’m going to try to create a horse carriage. Can this end well!?

I’ll update twice a week, even if it’s just a shitty little sketch, so you can see that things haven’t stagnated completely here. And it puts some pressure on me to create new stuff.